Costa Athanassiou

Senior Property Investment Manager

Costa´s perseverance, honest and ethical approach to property management has instilled him with a wealth of knowledge which he uses to achieve his current outstanding results.

His passion for real estate, which began in 2006, has now developed into a dedicated service to the industry, in which he embraces with everything he has. Costa is client-focused which is why he is well known for his knowledgeable, superior customer service and relationship management skills.

Informative and approachable, Costa's friendly approach is valued by his Clients.

What our customers say

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Thanks for your prompt assistance. I never had this kind of prompt response from any other property manager. It was always that I had to follow up for things to be completed and never got a reply. I think you are doing an excellent job and I am happy that you are my property manger. I really appreciate your help.

Ankur Pandya

Costa has been very pleasant to deal with. He has always been very helpful, professional and integrous. He gets back to me very quickly with all of my enquiries and he makes sure all problems are rectified swiftly. I highly recommend Costa for his fantastic service

David Kim

Thank you very much for everything, especially for processing our application so quickly, and attending to our various requests during our tenancy period. Both Hayley and me wish you all the best in everything you do, and great success in your property career.

Adam & Hayley

This is a reference for Mr Costa Athanassiou, whom I have known since June 2013 as he is the manager of the property which I am currently renting. It is a matter of course that I have had dealings with innumerable real estate companies and professionals during the span of my adult life, both as landlord and as tenant. However, and I mean this most sincerely, none of the individuals in the industry that I have dealt with have left such a favourable impression on me, as Mr Athanassiou. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Apart from the obvious professional knowledge and skills which Mr Athanassiou has well acquired as a result of his professional training and experience, he has repeatedly displayed the highest level of professional maturity on every single occasion I have had the need to contact him. Not only does Mr Athanassiou have obvious, in-depth knowledge of his field, he has a certain quality which cannot be taught in PD sessions. These are qualities which, unfortunately I have found lacking in any of his peers be it at L.J. Hooker, or elsewhere. His people skills, professionalism, respect and courtesy for his clients, the speed and thoroughness with which he dispenses his duties as well as his cross-cultural inter-personal skills are second to none. The qualities he possesses and more importantly, the manner in which he continuously practices them, result in his achieving the highest client satisfaction that I have ever experienced from a real-estate agency, the best acceptable results both for the tenants of the properties he manages, as well as, I am sure, property owners. He is, in my humble opinion, a credit to his company and his profession. It is unfortunate that others in the field are not more like him, and L.J. Hooker would benefit greatly if they were to encourage Mr Athanassiou’s colleagues to observe and try to emulate him. It is for the above mentioned reasons that I have absolutely no reservation, and take delight in recommending Mr Athanassiou, and wish him every success in his future.

Saeid Khayam.

I have been a tenant in a property managed by Costa Athanassiou for 7 months now and I have been very impressed by how professional and approachable he is and how he acts whenever there is an issue that needs resolving in regards to the property. I have contacted him numerous times in the past in relation to repairs or issues that required action within the property and building and he has always taken these on board and acted upon these in an efficient manner. He has kept me informed on any developments in relation to the property and I would be happy to recommend him or provide a glowing reference for him in any regards. I have owned property in the past and would be happy to have Costa manage any property I do buy in the future. Besides all this, he is a good personable guy and these days it is hard to find such a person, especially within the real estate industry.

David Minton

I write this reference as the tenant of a property managed by Costa Athanassiou. Costa has been our agent for some time now, prior to Costa taking charge I was most unimpressed by the performance of LJ Hooker – Formally, we had been ignored and unable to make contact with our agent however Costa has implemented and maintained a high level of professionalism, through his availability, his proactive measures when managing repairs, and his general commitment to getting the best outcome for both owner and tenant. While we merely rent the property we live in – it is our home. A home is a person’s sanctity, a place where we need to feel safe and comfortable. Like no one else ever has; Costa provides us with the confidence our home will remain safe and comfortable for a long time to come...

Benn McNally

I have passed your name onto everyone I know as the best LJ Hooker agency around!!

Pam Conway

Thank you so kindly for all your support and it has been a pleasure knowing you. I have enjoyed my association with LJ Hooker Parramatta over the past 11 years, the staff are the best. Good luck for your future, both in your career and family endeavors.

Pam Conway

Dear Management of LJ Hooker Parramatta The reason for my email is that I would like to let you know about the excellent customer service shown by Costa Athanassiou. I had an issue with the cook-top and although the contractors took their time in getting the ball rolling, Costa was excellent in letting me know every step of the way about what was going on with the issue. If I was not able to get back to him regarding the progress of the contractors turning up or not, he would email me and find out if the process was still moving. Even though I am a tenant at this property, Costa Costa still delivered a high level of customer service, one which is constantly adversised about by LJ Hooker. I would not hesitate to recommend any one to sell, buy or put their property for rent through L J Hooker Parramatta.

Saurabh Phanse